Spirit week/dance

Spirit week at BRCA is a very fun time. It is also a very crazy non focused on class time as well. I’m sure all the teachers LOVED us that week.  To kick it off it was PJ day and crazy hair day…. I didn’t take any photos of that and apparently no one else did! So here is Aversion of PJS.(notice the A) For the crazy hair day part me and my friend Audrey painted our hair green!!! Yea it didn’t come out that easily!!                                                                                                                                             razy hat day or hat day. I chose to go with both styles. I put on a super cute hat (thanks Mommy) and then put on a funny one over top of it. (no picture of that but this should se vice as a funny/crazy one)

Elephant man you would have got my vote!!

Inside out day was next. Some people went all out jeans, shirts etc. but only one went all the way putting underwear on top!! Yepp he did…..

The last day and most fun day of the whole week was school spirit day!! Our school colors are blue, green and yellow 🙂 They all make me happy(the colors)  Well. I wore as much green, blue and yellow.

It was a super fun week at school but 2 more FUN things happened that Friday night. We had a basketball game and then the dance!! The girls got ready during the guys game. (sorry guys for not supporting you during that half, we were there in heart)

The dance was so much fun!! The dance committee did an amazing job!! Here are actual pictures from the dance!!


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