Spirit week/dance

Spirit week at BRCA is a very fun time. It is also a very crazy non focused on class time as well. I’m sure all the teachers LOVED us that week.  To kick it off it was PJ day and crazy hair day…. I didn’t take any photos of that and apparently no one else did! So here is Aversion of PJS.(notice the A) For the crazy hair day part me and my friend Audrey painted our hair green!!! Yea it didn’t come out that easily!!                                                                                                                                             razy hat day or hat day. I chose to go with both styles. I put on a super cute hat (thanks Mommy) and then put on a funny one over top of it. (no picture of that but this should se vice as a funny/crazy one)

Elephant man you would have got my vote!!

Inside out day was next. Some people went all out jeans, shirts etc. but only one went all the way putting underwear on top!! Yepp he did…..

The last day and most fun day of the whole week was school spirit day!! Our school colors are blue, green and yellow 🙂 They all make me happy(the colors)  Well. I wore as much green, blue and yellow.

It was a super fun week at school but 2 more FUN things happened that Friday night. We had a basketball game and then the dance!! The girls got ready during the guys game. (sorry guys for not supporting you during that half, we were there in heart)

The dance was so much fun!! The dance committee did an amazing job!! Here are actual pictures from the dance!!


Steel Panther

OK…. So just the name of this post should say something right? I was on iTunes just a little bit ago and I like to see what the free songs are but this weeks has to be my favorite in a long time!!

This is Steel Panther….


There is many problems with this:

1.) the name

2.) there clothes

3.) the fact there grown men

4.) and they did a cover to “don’t stop believing”!!!!

5.) and I downloaded the song just to see what the whole thing was. One word


I mean I could understand theses guys just having fun but gosh making this a band. I mean I love my friends and I will support them but ahhh….. gosh maybe it’s just me being judge mental but their music isn’t that great and listening to just one of their songs it really aint great!!!

But that’s my opinion what is yours?

If you dare you can go on iTunes or just youtube it.(fair warning I have not listened to all their music or even one whole song)


So yea blog hasn’t really been on my mind and tonight as I was sitting at the computer I realized I haven’t updated my blog in a long time!!

So school is going well. I just finished the 1st quarter. It was a good 1st quarter I would say. It had its ups and downs but I love going to BRCA! I love seeing everyone everyday and also the teachers there are amazing.

The kids are growing up so fast. Otto is 5 1/2 months old. He started eating whole foods (well mushed up a lot). But he is rolling around like a wild man and he kicks like a little ninja!! It sometimes even hurts.

This weekend the summer staffers are all coming in for LSD for teens conference. For any of you who think it’s a conference about the drug it’s not. It’s love, sex and dating for teens. It’s an amazing talk. It opened my eyes to things I wouldn’t think of.

So today at school during last period me and a friend went outside to take some pictures for class. Then after we took the ones we needed I felt like doing a couple cartwheels….

…. so then it turned into Schneider (my friend) doing them… I took these really fun shots. One of them was an accident but hey sometimes those are the coolest pictures.

Mid air…



Here is the accident one. He was landing it…

What’s New??

Hey guys,

Sorry I have not updated my blog. But I have been very busy and my blog hasn’t really been on my blog. Is that bad?

School is good. I still really like it. I have a good amount of homework but that’s highschool right…

The other day we went hiking. It was super fun. I realized something Piper is a very heavy kid!!! HAHA well here are some pics from it. Oh I also learned Mo-Town is a little poser!!!

Here is daddy and lil’ munch


And here is Sweet little Mo-Town I added some extra effect!!!


Daddy is in Israel!! I miss him soooo…. much. I have gotten to talk to him one time. Mommy has talked to him a lot ish…. Through what I have heard though he is having an amazing time!!! I will be so glad when he comes home.

School is going good. I’m loving it!!! I’m not loving the homework but it can be a whole lot more than  what I have now. I like all my classes and me and KB (kendall boone) love seeing each other during the day every 45 min. hehe

So that is pretty much all that has been happening in my life right now. haha just missing daddy and a whole lot of homework.

And this is a picture of me and a summer staffer named Landon!! I was meaning to edit it and I finally did. Looks fun huh!! me and landon copy

Show Me How to Booguloo

If the title doesn’t say anything well….. yea just watch go to this link!!!



So I have not updated my blog in a LONG time. I’m so sorry. I’m still trying to balance life, school, work ,friends and of course my blog.

Today we were heading out to go to the lodge. Otto was wearing his buff and of course I had to take a picture. haha look how blue his eyes are!!!otto 1

You will ALWAYS be my baby girl/sister

So this past week Piper turned 2!!! It blows my mind away that Pip is 2. She has grown up so quick.

Also with growing up you gain a mind of your own. Well that is what miss piper has just discovered. It’s really funny but not at all funny. She is a 2 year old with a very strong opinion, and if she doesn’t get what she wants well we won’t go there.

But no matter what she does and how much trouble she gets into I know that I will always love her!!!

Her most recent thing is she came out of her bedroom at 10:20 pm 1 night!!! She is 2 shes supposed to be asleep!!!pip

School days

So school is going great. I like all my classes so far. They are fun but hard. 

 So today during TECH class my friend pate and me were talking and we decided that we are going to start our podcast. I’m not sure what it will be like yet.

Then after class he was telling me about this ninja podcast. I looked at it and thought it was really funny.You might like it you might not…


but here is the link

Freshman Year

As you can imagine by the title. I’m a freshman. It sounds so crazy!!! Today I start school. I’m going to a school called Blue Ridge Christian Academy. BRCA for short.

We just got back from the beach on Saturday night. We had so much fun. I think the Keigley family has found their island. It’s called Tybee Island. It’s like 20 min. from Savanna GA.

While we were there we also found the best ice cream ever!!! The shop is run and own by a guy named Matt. He is a super cool guy. The best flavor there was Savanna Mud. It has chocolate, caramel swirls and peanut butter cups. It was sooooooo…. good.

The kids loved the beach. They enjoyed picking sea shells and running away from the waves.

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